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Arctic Web Map Tiles

AWM provides tiles in multiple Arctic-focused projections.

Supported Projections

Currently we support six Arctic projections on our tile server.

These projections provide a Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area (LAEA) view of the North Pole region, from 45°N to 90°N. Each projection is centred on a specific longitude: 180°W, 150°W, 100°W, 40°W, 10°E, and 90° E.

Using this projection means areas near the centre of the map (the North Pole) will not be distorted as they are when viewed in a Mercator projection such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, or OpenStreetMap. The LAEA projection we use specifically preserves the area of land masses such that relative size can be determined, but it does distort the shape of land masses towards the edges of the map. This is why the map is cut off at 45° N.


We currently provide data for the region North of 45°N.

Source Data

Tiles include data from multiple data sources. Most of the layers, including locations, land uses, roads, buildings, etc. is from OpenStreetMap under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Land polygons are also from OpenStreetMap.

Administrative boundaries, geographic lines, major lakes (at low zoom levels only), and bathymetry data layers are courtesy of Natural Earth.

100 metre and 20 metre contour lines in the Canadian Territories are sourced from CanVec (PDF).

Tile Usage Policy

Our tiles are copyright Arctic Connect, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 License. These tiles are provided free of charge, although we reserve the right to limit access to high-traffic users. If you are planning to use Arctic Web Map tiles in a high-traffic application, please contact us.

Usage of our tiles must include a mandatory attribution link:

Map © ArcticConnect. Data © OpenStreetMap contributors

For an introduction to using our tiles, please see our API and Usage Guide.