Arctic Web Map

Arctic Web Map API and Usage

We provide multiple options for displaying our tile data across multiple platforms.


Using our JavaScript client library is the recommended way of displaying our tiles for web clients. It provides a easy to use API for drawing maps with custom marker and location data. See the PolarMap.js API for more details.


Our tiles are compatible with Leaflet maps, when used with the Proj4JS and Proj4Leaflet libraries.


OpenLayers has support for projected tiles, and can easily be modified to display our Arctic Web Map tiles.

Direct Tile Access

The URL template for our tiles is http://{s}{projection}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
where {s} is either a, b or c, {projection} is one of 3571, 3572, 3573, 3574, 3575 or 3576, {z} is the zoom level, {x} is the tile x-index, and {y} is the tile y-index.